Condensate Drains

  • Technical Specification

    Series ECO DRAIN for compressor capacities up to 1700 m³/min

    The industry standard

    Quality, dependability and safe operation are essential features of any industrial machinery or equipment. The Eco drain meets all of these requirements. Versions are available to suit even the most hostile operating conditions, for example: highly aggressive condensate, freezing temperatures, high pressure or vacuum.

  • Durable level sensor

    The durable level sensor forms the basis for safe, reliable condensate drainage. The drain also works perfectly under conditions with high levels of contamination, even when filled with pure oil.

  • Intelligent Control Electronics

    The control electronics operate the discharge valve with such precision that all collected condensate is discharged without any loss of compressed air. This not only maximises compressed air use but also leads to considerable energy savings. All electrical components are splash-proof.

  • Self-Monitoring

    Should an alarm situation occur (e.g. a blocked discharge line), the unit waits 60 seconds before switching to alarm mode, which allows the Eco Drain to continue to operate. A flashing LED indicates the alarm and a floating contact enables alarm signals to be relayed.

  • “Click” and go

    Maintenance on the Eco Drain 30 and 31 couldn’t be quicker or easier. A simple “click” is all that’s needed to detach the service unit from the electronics module. Complicated disassembly is therefore no longer necessary.