Heated desiccant dryers

Pressure dewpoint: down to -40 °C

Compressed air dried to dewpoints as low as -40°C is often needed as process air, for frost-prone areas or in sensitive industries such as electronics, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and brewing. Such high degrees of moisture removal are achieved by KAESER’s series DN/DW desiccant dryers. The intelligent system design of heat-regenerated desiccant dryers ensures that virtually no compressed air is lost as a result of regeneration and aftercooling. The desiccant is regenerated with externally heated blown air.


• Particularly low energy demand thanks to efficient thermal insulation and very low purge air demand
• Available ECO Control DN/DW pressure dew point control for even greater energy savings
• Generous volume of desiccant charge for secure drying
• Even flow through the desiccant bed ensured by the stainless steel flow diffuser
• Designed for 100% continuous loading
• Large section pipework for minimum pressure drop and energy costs
• PLC controller with operating panel and full instrumentation for ease of operation
• Supplied as standard with inlet and outlet filters. Outlet filter equipped with an electronic ECO DRAIN condensate drain