Heatless Desiccant Dryers

Dependable Drying Power up to -70 °C

Meticulous design and quality ensure that KAESER DC Series desiccant dryers operate efficiently to provide dependable low-pressure dew point performance at continuous load, even under the toughest of conditions. The outstanding drying results are aided by generous quantities of KAESER’s high quality ‘SIGMA Dry’ desiccant, as only a fraction of the material’s initial load is used. Consequently, this means that minimal quantities of purge air are required for desiccant regeneration, even after longer than average periods of operation. In addition, long cycle periods reduce the number of flow optimised components required for reliable, integrated performance, such as KAESER’s pre- and after-filters.

Made from activated aluminium oxide, the desiccant has an exceptionally high adsorption capacity and its regeneration capability provides sustained low-pressure dew point performance with minimal pressure loss. The desiccant is also waterproof and mechanically stable, which makes it particularly suitable for long periods of operation. Furthermore, specific pellet sizes are available to ensure optimal performance of flow diffusers and sieve plates.

  • Compact Desiccant Dryer DC 1.5-7.5

    The ten-minute treatment cycle ensures low-pressure dew points of up to -40°C, even with low compressed air demand, and provides maximum system reliability. The space-saving, installation-friendly design with protective enclosure is ideally suited to localised applications.

  • Compact Desiccant Dryer DC 12-133

    Minimal pressure difference and low purge air requirement not only reduce both service and operating costs but also reduce the demands on load, desiccant volume and filter size.
    Efficiency is further enhanced by the optional ECO Control basic and ECO Control energy-saving controllers, which adjust dryer performance to match actual demand. These compact units can be optionally equipped with protective enclosures and super-silencing; outdoor installation versions are also available.

  • Large Desiccant Dryer DC 169-1545

    With an open design and suited for pressures up to 10 bar(g), or optionally up to 16 bar(g), these large desiccant dryers provide the same reliability and efficiency as their smaller counterparts. The modular construction enables easy transportation and installation, whilst excellent component accessibility greatly simplifies maintenance and service work.

  • Combination with Activated-Carbon Adsorber

    Available in sizes from DC 12 upwards, DC dryers are equipped with an ACT activated-carbon adsorber that is precisely matched to meet dryer capacity. This consequently enables production of compressed air to the very highest standards (remaining oil content < 0.003 mg/m³). Connection of the ACT activated-carbon adsorber is made simple by the frame construction of compact desiccant dryers up to size DC 133.