HPC Compressor Servicing

  • HPC Compressor Servicing

    Compressed Air equipment represents a considerable investment in your business. Maintaining you HPC Compressor will reduce your energy costs and minimise the potential for breakdown.

    HPC Genuine Spare Parts are designed to ensure:
    * Maximum Reliability of Compressed Air Equipment
    * Equipment is Operating at Maximum Efficiency
    * Compressed Air Quality is maintained to ISO Standards
    * Optimum Life Expectancy

    Service Provision is available in a number of formats.

1. “Total Care”

Total care includes all servicing requirements for the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules covering all consumable parts, lubricants and labour including any manufacturers engineering updates.

Most importantly it covers the cost of a repair due to any unforeseen breakdown to give you total peace of mind.

Note: Total Responsibility is a “fixed price” agreement for 5 years and generally only available on new compressor equipment.

2. “Preventative Maintenance”

Preventative Maintenance provides all the assurances that your compressor system will continue to operate reliably and at maximum efficiency for many years.

This is a fixed price service arrangement in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended schedules including all consumables, lubricants, travel & labour

3. “Routine Maintenance”

Routine maintenance is a “pay as you go” service arrangement. It is designed to ensure your compressor equipment is maintained correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

The level of maintenance and service required is based on operational hours.

The emphasis is to provide a good level of aftercare so that your compressed air equipment operates efficiently, safely and reliably.

• Our service engineers are fully trained by the HPC to ensure you receive the highest possible standards of service at all times
• Current hazardous waste regulations are fully adhered to regarding any waste that is generated during service and repairs on site and our works
• Trouble shooting, routine maintenance and repairs can all be carried out swiftly to get your equipment working as good as new, as soon as possible