Hybritec Dryers

In a Class of its Own

HYBRITEC compressed air dryers combine the energy-saving functionality of modern refrigeration dryers with the exceptionally low pressure dew point of desiccant dryers – a truly “cool combination” in these times of increasing energy costs.

  • 67% energy savings

    HYBRITEC dryers can provide significant savings compared with single-stage heat regenerated desiccant dryers. With an assumed frost period of 4 months a year for example, it is possible to reduce energy costs by up 67%. Even if the system is used to provide a pressure dew point of -40 °C year-round, the energy saving potential can still be as high as 50%.

  • Automatic Temperature Sensing

    With the optional thermostat control system, HYBRITEC dryers are able to automatically switch from frost protection operation at colder times of the year to pure refrigeration dryer mode during the warmer months.

  • Compact, Turnkey Unit

    HYBRITEC dryers are quick and easy to install. The system, which uses standardised components, is installed ready for operation on a base frame. Quick, easy, effortless.