Leakage detection

  • Energy costs are increasing.

    Monitoring and measuring are becoming more important, without a baseline you cannot verify your savings or justify your efforts. Being able to isolate the true cost of production and account for the use of resources, not only strengthens the Corporate Social Responsibilty profile of a Company, but keeps focus on true cost. Regular maintenance combined with energy savings, adds value to each department’s use of man hours.

    This keeps a focus on lowering consumption and maintaining it leading to a sustainable solution. The environment needs companies to contribute to positive environmental development.

Leaksystem Ltd offers a technology that works to minimise negative impacts on the environment by identifying business opportunities that are compatible with sustainable development.Screening project potential in order to establish the baseline from which to quantify a project in relation to the duration and cost saving potential, must always be the first step.

Factory status

1. How often is leak detection performed and how ?
2. Has there been established a cost for leakages and loss in percentage of total consumption ?
3. Has there been established price/cost per produced m³ / min. ?
4. Have you installed flow monitoring and control system ?

“Compressed Air leakages are as small as 1 mm and even smaller”
Being able to indentify this source of waste, which action needs to take place to eliminate this waste, taking note of the part or component needed to repair, making an estimate based on exeperice on how long the actual repair will take, can the repair take place during production, are some of the information that have to be presented in a structured and logical way, inorder to succesfully perform Leakage Management.