TG-TI Energy Saving Refrigeration Dryers

Savings all day, every day

Energy-saving dryers from Kaeser Kompressoren enable significant savings all day, every day. For example, at 40 % airflow they consume only 43 % of their nominal energy requirement. This saves several thousand Euros in energy costs compared with conventional dryers.

  • Super Efficient Refrigerant Compressor

    The newly developed refrigerant compressor is able to regulate the volume of refrigerant that circulates within the refrigeration circuit in such a way that it also reduces the compressor’s power consumption. Electrical power is therefore consumed only when actually drying air.

  • Industrial Quality Control Cabinet

    Every KAESER energy-saving dryer is EN 60204-1 compliant and is tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with applicable EMC standards. Unlike equipment conforming to VDE 0700, TG-TI series refrigeration dryers conform to strict industrial standards.

  • Premium Quality Plate Heat Exchanger

    The air/air and air/refrigerant stainless steel plate heat exchangers were specially developed for use in refrigeration dryers. Generously sized copper piping not only ensures minimal pressure drop, but also saves energy.