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What We Do

Rotonairs' philosophy since the Companys' formation some 40+ years ago, has been to provide the best compressed air systems at the right pressure and with the right air quality suitable for the application, to match our customers requirements and specifications. As an Authorised Distributor of HPC Screw Compressors, Piston Compressors, refrigerant air dryers, desiccant dryers and associated equipment we have been able to maintain and build upon this philosophy.

Rotonair can also offer a successful partnership with Camozzi Pneumatics to supply pneumatic valves, cylinders, fittings, tubing, etc, either as component parts or individually designed and assembled control systems. Most parts are either stocked at our trade counter or can be obtained on our next day service.

Many companies promise to deliver when it comes to emergency assistance, unfortunately few succeed. Rotonair is committed to providing expert help when you need it most. We view compressed air as the 4th utility and as such we are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure continuous supply.

Our business is Compressed Air. We can offer advice covering both your existing installation, any additions, improvements or a completely new system. Our highly trained staff are available to advise you in all aspects of compressed air technology.


Based in Oldham, our customers are far and wide. Contact us with any questions or requests regarding our supplies and services for compressed air equipment. We want to hear from you and how we can help with your compressed air needs.

Roton House, Ellen Street, Oldham OL9 6QR, UK

0161 620 5107

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