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Leak Detection, Leak Management and Leak Repairs

Even the most minor leak in your compressed air system can cause significant cost issues, effectively throwing your money down the drain. Leaking air is an enormous waste of compressed air and severely affects electrical energy use. To be a little clearer, a 1 mm leak in your system could cost you over £2,500.00! Unlike a gas leak or a water leak, a leak in your air system is challenging to detect until inflated utility bills start rolling in.

To detect leaks in your pipework, equipment, or components, Rotonair can help. We use an ultrasonic leak detector to do the detective work for you. This device is designed to pick up high-frequency sound waves that leaks will produce. When sound waves are detected, they can be heard through the engineer's headset as a hissing sound.

Once all leaks have been identified, our engineer will assign a tag to each one, generate a comprehensive report, and upload it to our exclusive leak systems portal. You will have access to this portal with personalised log in details, where you can view each leak separately, along with a quotation for repairing each one, a timeline for the repair work, and a post-work report to show how much money you can potentially save after the leaks have been fixed. 

Based on this report, we can provide you with a complete quotation for all the repairs required, or you can select individual leaks for repair, all from within the portal. Our clients have found this portal to be an excellent tool that has enabled them to save significant amounts of money.

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